Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gifts that keep giving!

Happy Holidays! In this season of gift giving, we need to remember that there are gifts for the here and now, and other gifts that "keep giving" long after the holiday decorations come down. Despite being the author of Seductive Delusions- How Everyday People Catch STDs- in this case, I am not referring to the undesirable "gift" of an STD...
What am I talking about is a gift of HEALTH. How many of us have friends and family members who struggle with their weight, and we give them a gift of chocolate or other calorie laden treats? Or the friend who perhaps drinks too much, and we give them a bottle of wine or scotch? We justify these gifts because, well, it's what they really like! And hey, it's an easy choice.
Let me challenge you, however, to think a bit harder and if you really care about that person, give them a gift that will promote their health. Yes, it can still be something fun. (Forget the bag of celery with a bow on top.) No, it does not need to be a $3000 elliptical machine or treadmill (although if you happen to be wealthy, knock yourself out!) 
How about a pedometer? A new workout top or shorts? Fun workout socks? A person training session? A healthy cookbook? (My all time favorite is Cooking Light's 5-Star Recipes- available on amazon) A gift certificate for a massage or manicure? How about a lesson- ballroom dance, kayak, or martial arts?
No money? Make a gift certificate to be a walking buddy every Tuesday morning (or whatever).
Bottom Line: This season, show you really care by encouraging your loved ones in the universal quest for health, and not undermine their efforts with "easy" gifts that aggravate existing health problems. 

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