Monday, March 2, 2009

"Tell me more, tell me more..."

Was it love at first site? Okay, that's a Grease reference, for those of you who may not recognize it. Can you believe John Travolta has thrilled another generation of girls- and this time, HE is a MOM?? Gotta love Hairspray...
But I digress! What I want to talk about this month is STD myths. While I could tell you to go buy and read Seductive Delusions for all the answers, I find that people frequently ask me to "tell them more". So, for the next few blog entries, I'll try to hit the highlights on some of the major sexually transmitted diseases.
Herpes, from it's sheer numbers, must go first! Somewhere between half and 75% of Americans test positive for herpes, meaning that they carry antibodies to herpes as a result of being infected- whether or not they get blisters. It is believed that 90% of people with genital herpes, for example, are completely unaware that they have it. While that is GOOD news for them (they are lucky that they don't experience painful blisters) it's BAD news for their unknowing partners who might contract herpes from them. There is no correlation with the severity of disease from one partner to the next, even though it is the same virus. Put another way, you may break out once per year, but the partner you gave it to might break out every month! Not the gift you want to give. The biggest myth about herpes is that people believe cold sores are NOT herpes, and perhaps that is why they do not believe that oral sex can transmit herpes.
BOTTOM LINE: Herpes is COMMON. It is spread whether or not you know you have it, whether or not you can see any blisters. Herpes is VERY OFTEN spread from one person's mouth ("cold sores" or "fever blisters") to another person's genitals through oral sex.

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