Friday, December 17, 2010

Hospice at the Holidays?

Okay, I know what you're thinking...why talk about HOSPICE at the holidays? Isn't that kind of depressing? While Hospice care can be a tough subject, I actually ALWAYS think of Hospice at the holidays, for several reasons.

1. I believe everyone who works at Hospice is an ANGEL. Period.

2. Hospice provides a tremendous service that is a beautiful gift not only for the patients themselves, but for the families, too. Their job every day is to help with the physical and emotional needs of people passing from this life on to the next, and they are comfortable with this transition in a way most of us are not. Their confidence and capabilities are amazing.

3. Holidays are especially tough for families who have lost someone in the past year, so remember to reach out in a special way to your family and friends in this situation.

4. One of my favorite gifts is our local Hospice's ANGEL. Each year, a local artist designs a new angel ornament, and these can be purchased on line and sent directly to your loved ones. Hospice benefits from the profits, your recipient gets a lovely angel, and everyone benefits!

BOTTOM LINE: Thinking of Hospice at the Holidays is fully in keeping with the peace and goodwill of the season. Please reach out to anyone you know who has lost a loved one in 2010.

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