Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FDA's New Cigarette Labels- Wonderfully GROSS!

Let's hear it for the FDA! Cigarette boxes will no longer carry the simple boxed warning that smokers have come to ignore over the last couple decades. Instead of these simple printed words, now there will be nine different graphic images with accompanying appropriate messages. "WARNING: Smoking is addictive"- showing a man smoking from the hole in his tracheotomy (a hole in the neck surgically created for patients on ventilators long term), or "WARNING: Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease" with a picture of healthy pink lungs next to horribly diseased lungs. I think my favorite, though, is the one I posted above, with the yellowed teeth and cancer sore rotting on the lip.

I believe we need to address tobacco addiction at the age and interest level of the smoker. Teens rightly aren't terribly concerned with emphysema at age 60, nor lung cancers even as early as their 40s. They MIGHT listen, however, to concerns about bad breath and yellow teeth. An older smoker, however, may believe tooth whiteners and listerine will fix any transient problems, but the threat of stroke or heart attack from tobacco-related disease might hit home.

Whatever the age, I am pleased to see new marketing strategies put in place to shake up the routine. The FDA will be rotating pictures/messages to be sure that smokers are barraged with new warnings as they begin to be desensitized to the first batch.
Smoking is VERY addictive, and I have yet to meet a smoker over the age of 30 who doesn't wish they had never picked up that first cigarette- even those who steadfastly maintain they enjoy smoking and "don't care if it kills (them)".

BOTTOM LINE: If you still smoke, PLEASE talk to your doctor and find out what options you have to help you QUIT for LIFE.

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