Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MORE Teen Sex Questions- Brazilian & "Crabs"?

Continuing my theme of questions that teens ask me about STDs & sex education...here are a few on the pubic region:

1. Can you get genital acne? Acne on the buttocks is common, but most “acne” in the pubic area is from infected hair follicles from shaving.

2. What are crabs? “Crabs” are pubic lice. They are different than the lice that people get on their head. “Crabs” prefer pubic hair, underarm hair, beards, eyebrows & eyelashes. Head lice stay on the head, and do not cause sexually transmitted disease.

3. Can you get crabs if you don’t have any pubic hair? Yes, because the pubic lice can still reach the hair follicle. However, there is definitely a decreased incidence of crabs in women who remove their pubic hair. At least one study has found a decreased incidence of pubic lice since the popularity of the "Brazillian" in the UK.

4. Can you get STD’s from sleeping in dirty beds? Yes, you can catch crabs (pubic lice) from linens or towels, though the majority of cases are passed during sex. No other diseases are transmitted via linens or clothing, however. Crabs are actually the most infectious of all the STDs- meaning that from one direct contact, you have the highest chance of catching a disease from an infected partner (> 90% with pubic lice.)

BOTTOM LINE: Teens have tons of QUESTIONS- let's get them accurate answers!
PS. For more details, FAQ, answers & stories, check out Seductive Delusions

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