Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Weight Gain...Again!

Click! Step away from the Halloween candy. I repeat, step AWAY from the Halloween candy!

Okay, how many times have you walked past the leftover candy and snagged an extra treat today? It is so easy to keep it around just to "finish it off". I'll bet you're even down to the candy you don't even really like, yet you pop one in your mouth because, well, it's there. How do I know? Because I just ate a mini-Snickers, which is my least favorite candy. The Reese's cups were gone last week.

All kidding aside, please take stock of your health TODAY. We are already well into November, which is the heart of "stuff yourself silly" season. Treats and sweets abound, as well as extra adult beverages at every celebration- and those pack on the calories as much, if not more than the edible delicacies! At the office, we are already seeing the extra weight creeping up. The average American gains nearly 10 POUNDS during the holidays. And then what does everyone do? We make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight.

This year, let's be PROACTIVE! Start on that new exercise program right NOW! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park a little further away when you go to work or shop. Fill your party plate with healthy choices and eat them first before you head to the dessert buffet. Every bit you do now will make those New Year's Resolutions much easier.

BOTTOM LINE: Do not wait for New Year's to start thinking about improving your health!

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