Monday, March 8, 2010

Do I have Alzheimer's?

Do you forget why you walked in a room? Can't find your keys or the tv remote? Couldn't think of an old friend's name when you ran in to them at the store? RELAX- none of these episodes are unusual for a healthy, busy adult. Typically these things happen when you are stressed and simply not paying much attention to your task at hand.
What is concerning, then? Forgetting directions to the grocery store where you always shop; missing multiple appointments because you confused times/dates; being unable make change or figure out tips (when you could before) or not being able to name common objects (like a watch or a shirt.)
If you think you are having significant memory issues, please go and see your doctor! There are many causes of memory loss that are correctable, and even if you do have early Alzheimer's disease, we have good medicines that really slow the progression of disease.
CHECK OUT the Alzheimer's Association's "Ten Signs of Alzheimer's"
Bottom Line: Memory loss with Alzheimer's Disease can be distinguished from memory changes with normal aging; if you are concerned, go see your doctor!

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