Monday, March 1, 2010


How can eating "vegetarian" not be healthy? Is this a trick question? Absolutely NOT. When I see patients in the office, I frequently do a 24-hour dietary recall, which means I ask them to tell me every item (food and drink) that they put in their mouth the day before our visit. You'd be amazed at how often people are embarrassed (but honest!) with their replies.
What I have found is that many people who don't eat meats believe by default that their diet is healthy. However, chips, queso (cheese dip), sodas, french fries, pop tarts, and almost every dessert you can name are ALL "vegetarian"! You easily can go an entire day as a vegetarian withOUT eating a single fruit or vegetable.
BOTTOM LINE: Don't kid yourself that giving up meat makes you healthy- focus on eating FRUITS and VEGGIES to improve the quality of your diet!
PS. It's a new month, so CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTERS (See 2/1/10 blog entry)!

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Leigh Ann Otte said...

Oh my gosh, that's so true. Thanks for the down-to-Earth advice. People who aren't vegetarian also sometimes assume people who are are healthier. It's kind of funny. I bet if you asked those same people (non-vegetarians) whether they thought meat was unhealthy, they'd say no. It's just that the word has "vege" in the name, so it sounds like you must eat a lot of vegetables.