Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Hangover


Okay, tell the truth...how many times did you grab a piece of Halloween candy yesterday? If it's sitting out in a bowl (or in your kids' pumpkins) easily accessible, chances are you nabbed a piece or two each time you walked by. I will be the first to confess that I managed to top off my completely nutritious breakfast smoothie (yogurt, banana, and frozen strawberries, mangoes & peaches) with both a Reeses cup AND a "fun size" Milky Way. And all that before 6:30am.

Now, is it the end of the world that I had a breakfast dessert? Of course not! But, if that happens three or four times per day until that whole bag of candy is polished off, I'll be wearing several new unwelcome pounds around my belly. What's the solution? In our house, we let the kids have a few pieces of candy per day for a few days, then we donate the rest of the candy to a food distribution charity. I'm actually always surprised how this is really "NBD" (no big deal) to our kids, especially since we do not keep any candy in our house on a regular basis. Mind you, we always have homemade cookies on hand, but we do not stock candy.

Before I leave the whole Halloween scene, let me point out that candy now comes in a ton of different sizes, so beware of "serving size" when you are assessing calories! There is bite size, fun size, snack size, mini-size, regular, king and movie!

BOTTOM LINE: Enjoy the Halloween treats for a day or two, then if you don't need the extra calories, pass it on so your Halloween candy hang over doesn't increase YOUR "bottom line"!

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