Friday, February 18, 2011

What Works for Weight Loss? MORE!

MORE, MORE, MORE! That is chant I want you to hear in your head as you focus on FITNESS. Yesterday I talked about MORE fruit and vegetable servings- 5-10 per day. Today let's shift to MORE MOVEMENT.

Many of my patients started 2011 with the resolution to go to the gym EVERY DAY after work. Guess what percentage are still doing that? Hmm...not too many. Why is that? It is a setup for failure. While exercising EVERY DAY is absolutely possible, and indeed, what I do and what I encourage everyone to make a life habit, exercising in a specific place outside your home- like the gym- is very difficult. Say today you wake up and your child has a fever, so you can't leave the house. Tomorrow you have a business meeting in the evening (no time to workout, shower and clean up between work and that meeting) and boom, then it snows/rains/ get the picture!

I think planning a day or two per week at the gym (or the track, or walking the mall) is wonderful, but please, set yourself up for success by having backup plans AT HOME. I am a big fan of exercise bikes and DVDs for this reason. Grab your tunes and/or your dog and head out the front door. Set a timer for 30 minutes, turn on some music, and dance! OR- I got this idea from another woman physician last October- set the timer for 30 minutes, turn on music, and CLEAN YOUR HOUSE- actively! Vigorously scrub the counters, alternate hands, squat up and down unloading the dishes, mop quickly, whatever it takes to keep your heart rate up. Which exercise is best? The one you will DO.
The main idea is to MOVE MORE. Check out my blog on PEDOMETERS- they work great, too!

BOTTOM LINE: Switch your focus to MORE: MORE movement, MORE fruits & veggies!

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