Thursday, January 6, 2011

Which Exercise is Best?

ANY exercise can be the "BEST"- really, it's the exercise that YOU will COMMIT to doing! That being said, I will tell you my recommendations.

1. If you have done NO exercise for the memorable past, start with WALKING. Put on a pair of good sneakers, dress for the weather (or head to an indoor mall) and MOVE! If you feel there is simply not a spare half hour in your day to schedule exercise, then get a pedometer (more on them tomorrow), strap it on, and push yourself to increase your step number each day.

2. I am a big fan of EXERCISE BIKES because they are the easiest way to allow cross-training. If you walk, jog or run a few days per week, and hop on your exercise bike the other days, you will nicely balance the strain on your muscles and avoid injuries.

3. Join a GYM...IF IT IS VERY CONVENIENT and/or you will commit along with a PARTNER. Gym memberships are wonderful, IF YOU USE THEM, but many of them are simply a way to open your wallet and dump out money each month.

I'm going to spend the next few blogs expanding on these ideas, so stay tuned!

BOTTOM LINE: The GOAL should be DAILY EXERCISE, so set yourself up for success by choosing the right exercise for you!

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