Monday, January 3, 2011

Realistic Resolutions for 2011

Welcome to the first Monday of 2011! Have you set any New Year's resolutions yet? Broken any yet? Let me encourage you to pick one or two HEALTHY resolutions that you can stick to-not just for 2011, but for your entire future.
Weight loss is a priority for the majority of Americans. However, often that means a strict, very low calorie diet (and the emotional misery that arrives as a side dish). Not surprisingly, this method rarely works. What might be a better choice?

How about committing to one of these simple changes:

1. Substitute a GLASS OF WATER for one other beverage (soda, coffee, etc.)
2. ADD one piece of fruit to your breakfast (a banana, or a handful of berries)
3. Eat FISH for at least one meal per week
4. Take a fruit or vegetable SNACK with you to work each day- and EAT IT (instead of vending food fare)

I realize these seem simple, but making these changes a HABIT will lead to a lifetime of benefit! For example, if you drink one can of soda per day, then swapping water for that can will create a caloric deficit that equals 14 POUNDS in one year! Now that is something to toast!

BOTTOM LINE: Set yourself up for success and make at least one CONCRETE HEALTHY CHANGE in 2011!

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