Friday, January 7, 2011

Pedometers- Cheap, Easy & Effective!

Yesterday I mentioned getting a PEDOMETER, and I'd like to expand on that a bit. Here are a few things that I love about pedometers (and thanks to my walking buddy, Lorna, for my new one in the picture!);

1. They give only POSITIVE FEEDBACK: the more you walk, the more steps you get to count!

2. They are inexpensive (anywhere from a FREE app on your iPhone to around $35 for a really fancy one.)

3. There is NO special clothing to start exercising (though of course, I'd put everyone in comfy sneakers if I could!)

4. They are often a surprising wake up call that your lifestyle truly is "sedentary." From home-bound seniors to cubicle-dwelling techies, many of us don't realize how little we move, until we measure it. The great news here is that it becomes FUN to see how many extra steps you can sneak in during the day by spacing out or expanding routine chores (delivering laundry to the kids rooms, walking across the building instead of emailing, etc.)

How should you use one? To be most accurate, you will typically need to calibrate your steps by walking 10 paces and measuring the distance, then entering that in. However, most pedometers will accurately count STEPS (even if the distance is a little off) and you can set your GOAL based on increasing your total step number each day. I suggest adding 100-200 steps per day until you reach the often recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Pedometers come in clip on or slip in your pocket styles- find one that works the best for your everyday clothing styles, and wear it all day, every day, till you are consistently reaching your goal.


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