Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MORE Dieting Tips!

As we launch into 2011, many people are motivated to work on weight loss. Yesterday I mentioned a few simple dietary changes that can add up to BIG RESULTS when they become a permanent change. Today, I'd like to focus on my "MORE" concept. I have found that the majority of my patients (and friends and family) have an easier time improving the quality of their diet by focusing on INCREASING the amount of veggies and fruit they consume, rather than focusing on eliminating "bad" food.

Here is my specific recommendation:
Aim to eat 5 to 10 SERVINGS (what you can comfortably hold in your cupped hand) of vegetables and/or fruit per day.

That's it! Really, it's that simple. Don't freak out that there is "no way" to eat that many servings per day. I promise you that even young kids can easily follow this rule. Add in a banana or a handful of berries to your breakfast. Have your morning or afternoon snack include a serving (think an apple, carrots, raisins, etc.)
At lunch or dinner, include a generously portioned salad. If you have two handfuls of lettuce, plus one more handful of either tomato, shredded carrots, avocado slices, peppers, or your favorite vegetable, you've already got 5 SERVINGS! If you layer up the salad or simply add some vegetables to another meal (think yams, green beans, applesauce) then you are up to ten before you know it.

Ultimately, you'll begin to recognize that each meal should contain "color"- at least half the plate filled with vegetables and fruit. You end up filling up on these healthy choices, and eating less of all the extras (such as pasta, rice, bread) that have a much higher calorie count.

BOTTOM LINE: Focus on INCREASING your fruit and vegetable servings for a healthier 2011!

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