Saturday, January 1, 2011

Amazing Weight Loss & the Acai Berry

Happy 2011! I hope your New Year's Resolutions include steps towards GOOD HEALTH this year! I am enjoying a snowy vacation in gorgeous Crested Butte, Colorado, this week. As I checked the weather report to decide on layers of clothing this morning, my attention was caught by a news headline by a Crested Butte health reporter.

The report was part of a series about effective weight loss strategies. I was immediately sucked in by the reporter's frank style and her admission that she was skeptical about different weight loss claims. She and the News 5 team decided to do their own trial, and guess what? She LOST 25 POUNDS in a MONTH, and looks slim and sexy with NO CHANGE in her diet! WOW!

Okay, wake up and smell the coffee! Of course, this is a SCAM and and AD to buy the berries. Unfortunately, it is SO CONVINCING that despite knowing the numbers and facts couldn't add up, I initially thought it was real, and that the reporter was simply exaggerating. The site looks amazingly valid, and she appears to be a legitimate health reporter. If you start to research the reporter, however, you quickly discover that no such reporter exists-ANYWHERE. This ACAI berry distributor simply created multiple websites under the names (and News6, and News7, etc.)

What is the truth?
1. You need a deficit of 3600 calories to lose a pound. Period. At burning (or not consuming) 500 calories per day, that is a pound of weight loss per week, which is terrific weight loss.
2. We do NOT have "gunk" lining our guts and creating "toxins". If we did, everyone who has a colonoscopy would be "cured" of obesity!
3. It's CALORIES IN vs. CALORIES OUT that creates weight loss or gain!

BOTTOM LINE: BEWARE OF WEIGHT LOSS SCAMS POSING AS NEWS REPORTS, especially the ACAI berry. Eat more fruits and vegetables and start moving more to lose weight in 2011!

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