Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's GO! Rap with tha Hip Hop Doc & Get Healthy!

Last week I was blogging on heart disease in women, and the American Heart Association's new guidelines calling awareness to the NUMBER ONE KILLER of women here in the United States. Today, I'm excited to bring you a HEART-PUMPING song that will stick in your brain and keep you moving and dancing all day!

Meet the Hip Hop Doc- Dr. Rani Whitfield- a very cool FAMILY PHYSICIAN who has found a unique way to reach his patients. His Youtube video "Let's Go!" speaks directly to us women, telling us to "Wait-FREEZE- Don't eat that! Fatty foods cause heart attacks!" (Click on LET"S GO to see the video!)I love it! Our whole house is now dancing and singing these words as we open the fridge and scout around.

Dr. Whitfield didn't stop with just the video, though. Check out his website, www.h2doc and you'll be amazed with all his efforts. From his six month campaign of heart runs and walks to raise awareness about heart disease, to his innovative new comic book and the Legion of Health- super-sized super heroes with names like Suga Free, Six Pack, and of course, h2d (that's Hip Hop Doc, if you're not following closely...)- his message engages everyone, with a special appeal to youth and those young at heart.

BOTTOM LINE: Check out tha Hip Hop Doc, and come on everyone, Let's GO!

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