Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Travel First Aid Kit Recipe

What do doctors pack when they travel with their families? If you are heading out for Spring Break, you might wonder what first aid supplies you should pack. There are really only a handful of supplies that I routinely take on trips. Truthfully, if we are traveling in the United States, I often head out with the bare minimum, because I know a pharmacy or grocery store will be available. However, especially if I am chaperoning a group of kids, I always carry the following supplies:
1. Ibuprofen- for headaches, muscle aches, fevers or menstrual cramps.
2. Tylenol- to supplement the ibuprofen if the ache or fever is severe.
3. Antacid tablets (TUMS or Rolaids)- still the fastest relief from heartburn/stomach acid.
4. Hydrocortisone cream (steroid such as Cortaid)- for anything that itches (bug bites, allergic skin reactions.)
5. Triple antibiotic cream- for cuts/scrapes (after washing with water.)
6. Bandaids- the GOOD kind that really stick, with specifics for knuckles, knees, and most commonly, HEELS (for those blisters!)
7. Benadryl tablets- for an intense allergic reaction to food, stings, etc; also may be used to help nausea.
8. ACE wrap- handy to limit swelling of a sprained ankle, knee or wrist.
9. Aspirin- honestly, I only keep this in case an adult has symptoms of a possible heart attack.
BOTTOM LINE: These few basic first aid supplies should get you through 99% of the illnesses and injuries that crop up on your trips, and this entire first aid kit should take up very little room in your luggage. Remember the creams count as "liquids" so slip them into your airline-specified ziplock baggie!

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