Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gluten-Free Calamari: April Fools?

One of my biggest challenges of eating gluten-free (GF) can be dining out, especially at my favorite seafood or Italian restaurant. (What's Gluten? Click here.) My stomach moans and mouth waters when the waiter presents the loaded basket of heavenly scented fresh bread or crispy rings of fried calamari, and I inwardly pout (okay, perhaps I outwardly whine) as I am left to sip my water, which is often the only GF item at my place setting. This week, however, while in Boston, I had a delightful surprise on the waterfront at the famous Legal Sea Foods.

A large group had dashed over for lunch during our full conference day. I asked if they had GF labels on their dishes, and the waiter immediately swapped out my menu for one that highlighted the GF choices. To be honest, I was skeptical when I saw fried fish as part of the choices, but happily, the waiter clearly was educated about special diets, and I had my pick of numerous dishes. He took our orders, then came back with drinks and the infamous bread basket. As he set it down, however, he smiled at me and said- unsolicited- "no worries, your gluten-free rolls are in the oven and I'll be back with them in a few minutes"! I squealed with delight, much to the amusement of my new friends and colleagues, I might add...

Ultimately, I ended up eating at Legal's not once or twice but literally four times in three days (a definite first for me for ANY restaurant) and the icing on the proverbial GF cake was that last night I discovered FRIED CALAMARI on the list! This was the best calamari I have ever had, GF or "regular". Yum!

BOTTOM LINE: More and more restaurants are offering GF options- be sure to ask your waiter! AND...if you're in Boston (or anywhere there is a Legal Sea Food), you've gotta go to Legal's and have the GF Calamari!

PS. First of the month, so change those AIR FILTERS (especially here in Austin- the oak is out of control!)


Dr. Vee said...

Dr. Grimes,

Loved this post! I am sure people who have difficulty finding gluten free food (and calamari) will find this really helpful! I posted on my facebook site and on twitter (VeeMD).

Is buckwheat gluten free?

Dr. Vee

Dr. Jill Grimes said...

YES! Despite the name buckWHEAT, buckwheat is a gluten-free grain, no worries!