Monday, February 1, 2010

Change Your Air Filters Today!

Happy February 1st! On the first day of each month, I try to remind my patients (and most importantly for me, my wonderful husband) that it's time for that special monthly chore- changing the air filters. Especially here in Austin, where pollens are crazy year-round, it's really important to change the filters to reduce allergens in your home. You'll be amazed twenty-four to forty-eight hours later when you wake up breathing easily and headache-free.
How do you pick an air filter? Easy- kind of like choosing a wine off a menu where you don't recognize the vineyards. You don't want the cheapest, but you don't need the most expensive, either. Choose a filter that is corrugated. If you have the deluxe models that you need to take outside and wash periodically, make the first of each month your wash day.

BOTTOM LINE: Tired of waking up with headaches, sneezing, and/or stuffy nose? Change your filter the first of every month!

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