Monday, February 22, 2010

Hot Dog Hazards!

I believe it's common knowledge that we do NOT want to know what goes IN to a hotdog, but does everyone know that the real hazard of a hotdog is where the hotdog might end up? I'm talking about when the hotdog gets stuck in the airway. Over 10,000 kids (under the age of 14) end up in the emergency room each year from choking on food, and a hotdog is to blame for roughly one out of six of these visits. The American Academy of Pediatrics has officially asked for hotdogs to receive a similar "choking hazard" label as toys with small parts. Better yet, they hope the manufacturers of hotdogs can be convinced to reshape their product. Right now, we advise parents of young kids to cut up their hotdogs like "french fries", rather than slicing a quick row of dime-shaped segments.
BOTTOM LINE: Remember that choking hazards apply to FOODs as well as toys with small parts, and make sure you cut them up appropriately!

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