Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Tired to see the Doctor?

Should you bother going to the doctor when your only complaint is "I'm tired"? Well, truthfully, it depends. If there is an obvious explanation- having a newborn and getting no sleep, starting back to school while working two jobs (and getting no sleep), having a teenager learning to drive (and getting no sleep)- see the trend? However, if you have not changed your diet or sleep patterns significantly and you find yourself sleepy or fatigued all the time, then YES, DEFINITELY go see your doctor!
What could it be? Anemia (low red blood cell count), thyroid disease, diabetes, infections (especially chronic viral ones such as mono or hepatitis), fibromyalgia (and other rheumatic diseases) and vitamin deficiencies are the most common causes that I see. Certainly there are other more serious causes such as cancers, kidney or heart failure, or neurologic disease, to name a few, but my point here is that there are many causes of fatigue that can be improved or cured IF you are looking for them!
BOTTOM LINE: Don't be "TOO TIRED" to go to the doctor and find out what might be causing your fatigue!

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