Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Do You KEEP the WEIGHT Off?

Many people lose the SAME 10, 20, or even 50 pounds over and over again. How frustrating is that? What can you do to PERMANENTLY lose weight, so you're not fighting that same battle? The first answer is obvious- stop DIETING. When you go on a super restrictive DIET, certainly you will lose weight, but if you never really look at your eating patterns and exercise habits, you are doomed to repeat the cycle.

I always encourage my patients to make changes they can live with for the REST of their lives. Typically this does not involve permanently eliminating ANY particular item from their diet- whether it's chocolate, butter, or even soda. Should you limit these high calorie items? Sure! But really, if you focus on MORE fruits and vegetables and water, then truly, you'll begin to notice you ARE eating less of these higher ticket items.

There is a wonderful website dedicated to people who have not only lost more than 30 pounds, but KEPT THOSE POUNDS OFF for at least a year- the National Weight Control Registry. In fact, the average weight loss is 66 pounds, and they have kept it off an average of 5.5 years! Both men and women are enrolled, with the average ages being 49 and 45, respectively. About half lost the weight on their own, while the other half joined programs. What do they have in COMMON?

1. 94% INCREASED their activity level, most commonly by WALKING
2. 78% EAT BREAKFAST daily.
3. 75% WEIGH themselves once per week
4. 62% Watch less than 10 hours of TV per week

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to stop battling the same pounds, take a look at the success stories of people who have KEPT their weight OFF, and see what simple changes you might be able to make to keep YOUR weight off.

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