Monday, May 2, 2011

Working Parents, Thriving Families- Possible? YES!

Time is flying faster and faster these days...If you have kids, you realize that the month of May is fast becoming as booked as December. Band recitals, track meets, sport tournaments, dance shows and all conceivable types of end of year banquets merge together with semester and year-end finals, packing overflowing stressors onto already busy families. If you feel like your family is crammed together on a giant version of a hamster wheel, running frantically and getting no where, then I've got the first book for your summer reading list: David Palmiter's Working Parents, Thriving Families: 10 Strategies that Make a Difference.

The best part of this "edutaining" family self-help book is that it is literally laugh-out-loud funny, so it is not a chore to read. Face it, the last thing an overextended parent needs is a dry psychology text- unless, of course, you suffer from insomnia. David brings to life common, potentially emotionally hazardous situations, and then OFFERS PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS. From coaches manipulating unequal playing time on team sports, to kids requesting violent video games, to challenges of single/divorced parent dynamics, this book offers concrete, proven effective strategies that you can add to your emotional toolbox.

Who should read Working Parents, Thriving Families? Every busy parent who has a robust sense of humor! If you are looking for a serious book on academic parenting theories, this is not it. If you are looking for a book that can seriously help you learn (or even simply better prioritize) positive family interactions and parenting skills, then grab your NOOK or Kindle and order it now, or grab a hard copy at amazon or your favorite local bookstore. Whether you're having one of those exhausting "what IS my kid THINKING?" weeks, or simply enjoy learning new nurturing skills, I think you'll enjoy and benefit from reading Working Parents, Thriving Families.

BOTTOM LINE: Crazy-busy lives with over-extended parents AND kids have become the norm. Stop racing and create some "special time" with your kids today.

PS. It's MAY- a new month- CHANGE THOSE AIR FILTERS (especially here in Austin, the Oak was out of control!)

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