Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts- Get Ready!

Mother's Day is coming this weekend, just as we are polishing off the last chocolate eggs from the Easter basket. Hmm...sounds a bit like Halloween and also Valentine's Day, right? Why is it that most of our American holidays focus on CANDY? Mind you, I love chocolate, but the truth is that I have been popping beautiful pastel peanut M&M's into my mouth each time I pass through my kitchen and hear the Easter candy bowl calling my name.

At the same time that we are fretting about trying on swimsuits and fitting into summer clothing, we are working to "finish up" the Easter candy. Kind of counter productive, isn't it? So, first of all, let's give away the rest of the candy (if it's still sitting around.) Secondly, let's pamper Mom with gifts she'll enjoy that promote her health- physical, mental or spiritual.

So, what do moms like? Are you feeling rich? Offer her spa certificates or maybe a gym membership. Not quite so loaded? How about a simple manicure (usually around $15) or a lovely smelling candle or body lotion, or a new exercise outfit? Totally broke? No worries- go for HOME MADE; a simple meal (that MOM does NOT have to prepare OR clean up), cleaning her car inside and out, or jumping in and doing "her" jobs for the day, like a load of laundry or walking the dog.

If you REALLY want to touch your Mom's heart, check back tomorrow see what my guest blogger, psychologist David Palmiter,PhD, thinks is the PERFECT gift for Mom or anyone you truly love...

BOTTOM LINE: Skip the chocolate this year and celebrate MOTHER's DAY with a health-promoting gift!

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