Monday, May 15, 2017

Positive Twist: 20-1-7 Challenge Week #20: The Final Challenge!

Dr. Grimes' 20-1-7 CHALLENGE: 
  • For the first TWENTY weeks of this year,
  • Pick ONE healthy change every Sunday, and
  • Commit to that change for SEVEN days.
Positive Twist: 20-1-7 Challenge Week #20

A couple years ago, I heard a motivational speaker issue a challenge- every time that you find yourself saying or thinking something NEGATIVE, add a comma and a "but..."and finish the sentence with a positive twist. (I wish I could remember her name, to give credit- my apologies.) For my last weekly challenge, rather than focusing on a physical change, I thought it would be great to focus on attitude.

Negative thoughts drag down our energy, feeding a cycle that can adversely affect not only our own mood, but those around us. Especially when life hands you a bunch of challenges at once- and really, that's how it seems to happen, right? Your family member is ill or has an accident, someone else loses a job or ends a relationship, AND your computer crashes...etc. Take a day and really "listen" to your self-talk. How often is your glass half-full, or the majority of your energy focused on what's WRONG, rather than what is working?

Recently, I've found myself spewing anger, frustration and disappointment over a situation that has consumed my thoughts the past few months. For my final 20-1-7 challenge, I'm ready to pro-actively change this negative whirlpool.  This week, I will focus on what is coming out of my brain and mouth, and will use this positive twist technique to reverse gears.

BOTTOM LINE: Every time you have a negative thought or comment, add "BUT..."with a concluding positive twist!

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