Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 Resolutions - Take 2!

Here we are, staring back at nearly half of 2017 in the rear view mirror how did you do on your 2017 New Year's Resolutions? For those of you playing along with me, you know I changed things up this year with my 20-1-7 Challenge, trying ONE new healthy habit each week. What stuck? What dropped off? What was the biggest surprise?

Looking back, I'm happy to share that the vast majority of challenges "stuck" and are part of my life routine. Which challenges became permanent changes for me?

  • HIDING MY PHONE in the car (putting in my purse or backpack) is likely the major new habit that is helping the community as much as myself. 
  • NUKING (microwaving) the dish sponge before and after use seems normal now.
  • USING a weekly medication dispenser dramatically improved my consistency.
  • FLOSSING (my biggest victory) is finally routine with my visual reminder from "future Jill"
  • WATER four times per day is back to being habit, rather than forced

What did not stick, but I will keep trying?
  • Playing the piano...I was out of town for several weeks, so no piano
  • YOGA- still WANT this, but haven't found the right method yet
  • Vegetable spiral tool- honestly, now my grocery store sells prepackaged bags of spiraled veggies, so I've been grabbing those rather than DIY
What worked, but not needed long-term?
  • ZZZ- I used a sleep monitoring app for four months, which really helped me prioritize both the quantity and quality of my sleep. 

The biggest SURPRISE?
  • Week #4 Brain Recharge with Kirtan Kriya meditation. This has become my go-to tool for insomnia or situational anxiety (like fear of flying). With or without the recording, I can use this "chant" to calm my mind, brain and body. 
BOTTOM LINE: July marks the start of the second half of 2017, so treat yourself to a do-over or create your next batch of resolutions to improve your health and happiness!

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