Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Family Game!

Okay, after dealing with more serious issues all week, how about a fun one? Summer is a wonderful time to focus on your family, without the constant stress of homework and packed schedules. Breaking out a deck of cards or a traditional board game can be a terrific break from the electronic world we all live in. Our family is, well, a touch competitive- yes, including the adults ;0) So, we were thrilled to find a game a that allows us all to compete equally, yet on our own level: BANANAGRAMS.

The game comes in a cute little bag shaped like a banana. It consists of alphabet tiles like those in a Scrabble game. How it works is that each person creates their own crossword-type puzzle (again, a la Scrabble). Points do not matter, however- it's all about being the first person to finish your own puzzle, using up all of the tiles. The cool thing is that one player may use simple words (DOG, GO, MAD) while another is using SAT-prep words; it makes no difference!

Our family discovered this game a few years ago, and we actually have one we keep in the car for any restaurant trips. We typically play the condensed version which means that play starts once we've ordered our drinks and stops when the waiter arrives with the food. By the way, we purchased our first game in a local bookstore, and have since seen Bananagrams in numerous retail stores and on line. I have no financial ties to this product, though from the number of games we purchased for ourselves and friends, perhaps I should!

BOTTOM LINE: Find games to play with your friends and family that engage players of all levels, and sit back and ENJOY!

I would LOVE to hear from you about your family's favorite games!

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