Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Having "THE TALK" with your TEEN

Big thanks to Dr. Ira Breite on SiriusXM satellite radio, Sirius114/XM119, for having me as a guest on his show in NYC this Monday!
We spent some time chatting about how to have "the TALK" with your teen.Non-subscribers can sign up for a 30-day FREE online subscription at, and catch the replay of our show throughout this week.
A few things to remember:
1. Of course this talk is awkward! You still don't want to think about your parents having sex, any more than your kid wants to realize that you and your spouse might be intimate. This topic will always be a bit embarrassing between generations, so accept that and move on!
2. KNOW THE FACTS YOURSELF before you initiate this talk.
3. Realize that if your teen asks you something you do not know, it's OKAY to tell them you aren't sure, but that you'll find out and let them know in a day or two. (NOTE: be sure to follow up on this, even if you used it as a stall tactic.)
4. Don't start interrogating them about their (or their friends') behavior! Your teen is already in a defensive mode, and this will shut down the lines of communication quickly.
5. Keep it short, pay attention, and...REPEAT. Take a minute or two each time you and your teen are together and the media hands you an opportunity to reinforce your message. Believe me, that will happen every time the tv is turned on!
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BOTTOM LINE: "THE TALK" is really an ongoing conversation with your teen, so make sure you're armed and ready with accurate knowledge and know you will NOT actually die of embarrassment!

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