Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shake Up Your Summer Habits!

Okay, we're nearing the end of summer- are your kids bored? Have they (or you) fallen into some poor habits? Time to take stock and be proactive! Let's start with activities.

What are you doing in your spare time? Hanging out and reading blogs? Turn off the computer (after you finish reading this, of course) and head out to your garage. In a minute or two, I'll bet you can find plenty of outdoor "toys" to get you moving. My garage had this: skates, volley balls, soccer balls, basketballs, croquet, bikes, jump rope, hula hoops, a scooter and golf clubs.

Now, what about food? Our kids realized they were falling way behind in the fruit and vegetable department, so we pulled out everything in the fridge (and a bunch from the pantry) to see what our choices were. Happily, we had the five ingredients for hummus, along with a fresh bag of baby carrots, so we whipped up that delicious snack first. The overripe bananas paired up with some frozen berries, peaches, and yogurt to provide smoothies, and we were back on track.

The next step? I asked each kid to be in charge the menu for three days this week. The rules are that we need ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day (a serving is what you hold in your hand) and that only one of the nine meals could be from a restaurant. I'll let you know next week how it went, but today was terrific!

BOTTOM LINE: Take stock of your dietary and exercise habits, and make sure you haven't fallen into the summer doldrums!

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