Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The REALITY Behind Sex-ED

Today I am excited to share that my book, Seductive Delusions: how everyday people catch STDs, has been officially adopted by the North East Independent School District (NEISD) in San Antonio, Texas. The NEISD is the 8th largest district in Texas, and home to over 66,000 students. The Superintendent, Dr. Richard Middleton, recognizes that sex education is a challenging and often controversial topic, but with the shocking statistics of sexually transmitted diseases- especially in our teens- is excited to offer a new approach.

The NEISD has a wonderful program called Big Decisions, and they tackle multiple issues facing freshmen and beyond- from nutrition education, to digital citizenship (internet saavy/etiquette), to- yes, STDs and sex education. The teachers are excited to break away from boring statistics and dry textbooks to the reality-based stories in Seductive Delusions. Classroom discussions will not be putting students to sleep this year!

My book shares stories of successful young men and women as they are diagnosed with an STD. There are no steamy sex scenes nor bad language to further embarrass anyone. I should be clear that each story represents hundreds of patients that I have seen (that's the whole problem- this is COMMON!!) and I chose names that were the most popular baby names from 18 years ago, so the names would be super common, as well. What you WILL see is the conversations that take place behind closed exam room doors across America each day, including what to expect during each step through the discussions with the medical staff, the exam, any procedures, possible prescriptions and even emotional reactions as the patient processes the implications of the diagnosis.

This morning on KVUE Daybreak, we discussed this for our local viewers. Check it out on: and take a look at your school's approach. Let me know what's new in your community!

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