Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GLAMOUR Reports $1.5 Million Lawsuit for STD!

Have you seen the September issue of GLAMOUR? Well, look closely at the article: "I Sued My Ex for Giving Me an STD- and I WON!" It's a fascinating case, actually. In short, a guy and gal got together. The girl had done "due diligence" in revealing her past sexual history, and had asked him about his. He reported NO history of STDs and said he, in fact, was in a "dry spell" and hadn't been with anyone in a long time. What's next?
Girl believes guy. Girl sadly develops genital warts AND abnormal Pap smears that are pre-cancerous. (To be clear, these are both caused by HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, but represent infections by TWO DIFFERENT strains of HPV, as warts do not turn into cancer.) Back to the story- meanwhile, guy has-oops- impregnated another girl during the not-so- dry spell...
Now, the girl who caught the HPV is in law school, and not only knows her rights, but wants to be certain to protect any future women this guy chooses to be less than honest with, so...voila! Lawsuit.
Here is the best part: Girl WINS lawsuit, including an appeal, for $1.5 MILLION!
You can read part of my opinion about the case on page 338 of the magazine, but here are a few more thoughts:
1. People LIE about having STDs- it's embarrassing, they don't want to be rejected, and they think they wont get "caught."
2. Completely HONEST people may not actually KNOW that they have a disease, because so many are SILENT.
3. Perhaps we need some new media-worthy "catch phrase" for people to ask to see proof that their potential partner has been recently tested for ALL STDs- "Show me the papers"? "Papers before clothes?" "Proof, not promises?" "Reality before Romance?"
4. You cannot tell by LOOKING who has an STD. (This guy was a medical professional- a dentist- perfect case in point!)
5. IF you give someone else an STD, you CAN be found liable in a court of law. KNOW YOUR OWN STATUS as well as asking potential partners their status.
6. STDs are COMMON and cross all racial and socio-economic boundaries- don't be fooled into thinking that beautiful, rich, popular people are disease-free!

BOTTOM LINE: You CAN and WILL be held liable for giving someone a sexually transmitted disease. If you are not practicing abstinence, GET TESTED and swap results with any future partners BEFORE you are intimate.