Friday, August 20, 2010

You've Got (Healthy) Mail!

I'll bet you've received some cute e-cards for your birthday or other special occasion, but did you know that their are e-cards for your health? Check out the Center for Disease Control's website (CDC) They've got cards for holidays (firework safety for July 4th, for example), back to school reminders about school safety, flu vaccine reminders, and yes, e-cards to tell your partner you've been diagnosed with an STD. I especially love the e-cards to share with your female friends to remind them to get a mammogram- check it out!

What do I think about this method of telling partners when you've caught a sexually transmitted disease? Honestly, I think it's great. Many people do not bother to tell their partners that they have been diagnosed with an STD, because they are too embarrassed, especially if it is not in the context of a committed relationship. Using an e-card can even be anonymous (though one would hope that you could narrow down who sent it to you!) I also like that e-cards link you directly to reliable information and treatment facilities, which again, should encourage people to follow through and be treated and tested, so the cycle of spreading disease can be broken.

BOTTOM LINE: Check out the CDC website above and send someone YOU love a healthy e-card to show them you care about their health.

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