Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't be April's FOOL! STD Myth #1

Toilet seats are the REAL cause of our STD (sexually transmitted disease) epidemic, right? APRIL FOOLS!!

Let me be perfectly clear- you can NOT catch sexually transmitted infections from a toilet seat! All that time our moms spent teaching us to either precariously hover over the seat or carefully plaster the seat with pieces of toilet paper was a waste. The majority of STDs are simply not that hearty! They die as soon as the fluid around them dries up. And "crabs" (pubic lice) can't grip on to the seat, so they slide off.

STDs are transmitted through SEX- oral, anal, and "old-fashioned" traditional sex. They require either a break in the skin or penetration through the mucus membranes. When you sit on a toilet seat, it's the back of your thighs. So, unless you've got cuts/scrapes there, you should be home free. Certainly, I wipe off a WET toilet seat with the handy toilet paper so I'm climbing on to a dry throne.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't be FOOLED into thinking you catch STDs from public toilets! Worry about who you kiss, not where you sit.

PS. It's a NEW MONTH, so change those air filters! (see 2/1/10 post)

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