Wednesday, April 28, 2010

STD Myth #14- Penicillin will cure it!

"Oh, it's nothing a shot of penicillin wont fix, right?" If you're over forty, you probably grew up hearing this one. In fairness, back then, it was kind of true! Unfortunately, now we only have ONE sexually transmitted disease that penicillin can still cure- syphilis. Amazingly enough, a shot of penicillin really will fix that one!

However, it's important to note that half of our STDs are viral (herpes, HPV, HIV, & hepatitis A, B, and C) and therefore NO antibiotic can cure them. We do have anti-viral medications that can help suppress these infections, but no cure yet.
Additionally, gonorrhea (which IS a bacterial infection) has become resistant to multiple different classes of antibiotics, so now there is only one type of antibiotic which is still effective.

BOTTOM LINE: Realize a simple dose of antibiotics will NOT always "fix" an STD.

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