Monday, April 26, 2010

Myth #12- Tricks are for Kids!

Okay, I'm spelling it differently to avoid brand recognition and association with STDs, but if you're over forty, you get it! The key is, if you are a legitimate grownup (over 35, or maybe 40, in my book) then the whole point is you DO NOT want to "get it", if IT is a sexually transmitted disease. We have fallen into the habit of worrying about our kids making poor choices so much that we are ignoring OUR generation's bad decisions. Whether it's the habit of having a couple glasses of wine out at meals before we drive our family home, or assuming the new partner we are dating wouldn't be the kind of guy/gal to have an STD, we need to realize that more life experience does not equal entitlement to ignore safety precautions.
BOTTOM LINE: Grown ups get STDs, too!

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