Friday, October 15, 2010

Excuse Me, Was that a BURP?

Do you suffer embarrassment from inopportune burping? Shrek says "Better Out than In", but that's not always a good thing. While many men seem to find this a national past-time, I have had many women patients complain to me about burping.

What causes it? Well, pretty much what you think- excess air in your stomach. However, you may not realize things that contribute to swallowing air, so here is list of common causes:
1. Carbonated beverages (this one is pretty obvious)
2. Using a straw for ANY drink- you suck down air before the liquid.
3. Anxiety or stress can cause you to swallow rapidly, including air
4. Sucking on hard candies/mints
5. Chewing gum (same principle)
6. Eating rapidly (remember what your mom said about wolfing down your food?)
7. Ill-fitting dentures or retainers

Burping is rarely a serious problem medically, but can certainly be a serious social issue. Check with your doctor if changing these habits doesn't clear the air!

BOTTOM LINE: If burping too frequently has become an issue for you, pay attention to these habits and see if changing these behaviors will make the burping go away.

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