Friday, October 22, 2010

BYOB Until You Get One of THESE New Machines!

Yea! Let's here it for vending machines selling...brace yourself... HEALTHY SNACKS! I was delighted to see "The Great Banana Challenge: How to dispense healthy snacks from a vending machine: design a fruit elevator" in the Wall Street Journal this week. It's hard to imagine walking up to a vending machine and expecting food to be, well, FRESH- but that's exactly what happens in these new machines.

Apparently, they've developed technology that allows for different refrigeration temperature zones as well as gentle "elevators" to lower the food and padded retrieval bins to avoid bruising. New packaging for the fruit itself extends the shelf life to nearly double its life outside of the wrapping.
For all of us who do not have these delightful new machines yet, don't worry! When in doubt, BYOB...Bring Your Own BANANA, that is!

BOTTOM LINE: The MORE we demand fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks, the more innovative solutions our free market will create!

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