Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trick or Treat? Kid Stuff!

Before I move off of our Halloween treats topic, I want to make a few suggestions for KIDS. Yesterday, I mentioned healthy fall food snacks (apples and pumpkin muffins) and today I'd like to make a pitch for a NON-candy treat to hand out on October 31st. Absolutely, part of the fun of trick-or-treating for kids is going door to door and collecting CANDY. You know you've scored when you go to that one house that hands out the FULL SIZE chocolate bars, right? Agreed. But there are plenty of inexpensive and still COOL treats you can hand out...

1. My kids' favorite: glow in the dark ANYTHINGs- bracelets & necklaces; some wear them as head bands! I love these, because they increase the kids' visibility, especially if they are a dark costume like the ever-popular vampire! These often come in a tube of a dozen, but it's fine to hand them out as a "single".
2. Stretchy stuff- skeletons, black cats & ghosts.
3. For girls: nail polish! (and yes, you can find glow in the dark nail polish, if you want to combine ideas...)
4. Halloween pencils & erasers or stickers- always a hit with the elementary school crowd!
5. Silly putty/slime/playdoh- all these come in cute Halloween "flavors"- including, you guessed it- glow in the DARK!

These all can be purchased on line or at your local craft stores or possibly grocery stores, but THINK NOW, especially if you are ordering on line!

BOTTOM LINE: Be creative this year, and hand out the coolest non-edible TREAT on the block!!

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