Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Come the Holidays!!

Okay, Halloween weekend is upon us. Enormous spiders cling on most houses in our neighborhood, and the number of Halloween lights rivals that of Christmas. (Yes, we love Halloween in Austin, don't we?) But it's what I'm seeing at work that is really SCARY.

Patients are already "giving up" and telling me that they will focus on healthy choices come January first.

What? We've got two full months left of 2010! The weather is crisp, and we should be excited to head outside and get active, not get ready for a long winter's nap.

I hear the excuse "but I love to bake for the holidays". Me, too! Bake away, but make some healthy menu choices and/or really kick up your exercise.

Have the pumpkin- chocolate chip muffin, but skip the latte and grab water. Take a second lap around the block or jump on the exercise bike for ten or fifteen minutes after the walk.

BOTTOM LINE: PLEASE do not postpone healthy choices till New Year's Eve! Start now and head IN to 2011 on the upswing!

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