Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MORE Trick or Treat!

Ah yes, I am reminding you about MORE again...but really, the time to think about "New Year's Resolutions" and optimizing health and losing weight is NOW, BEFORE you weigh, well, MORE at the end of the holiday feasting season! (pardon the pun)
Today, though, I'm writing in response to yesterday's blog, where I suggest that we-gasp- SAVE THE HALLOWEEN CANDY for HALLOWEEN! I am ALL ABOUT Halloween, in fact, it may be my favorite holiday. My birthday is right after Halloween, so I grew up having costume parties and I have nothing but wonderful associations surrounding this festival. Our house is decorated with ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons from October 1st. I want to be clear that I am NOT saying "don't enjoy Halloween"- I am merely saying let's choose a HEALTHIER way to extend the celebration beyond one day!
So, what can you do if you are a Halloween candy fan? Number one: enjoy Halloween candy ON HALLOWEEN. This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday, so splurge all weekend if you'd like. Just do NOT buy the candy now, and have it sitting on your desk at work or out as "decoration" in your home. How about using some delicious pumpkin spice scented candles to liven up your surroundings instead?
If it's fall FOOD you are craving, whip up some healthy, delicious pumpkin muffins from a Cooking Light recipe, for example.
Enjoy the crisp apples of the season- maybe ONE with caramel wrapping and placed on a stick- but savor the season's fruit every day! We adore kitchen gadgets in general, and literally have three different apple slicers (pictured above). A knife will do the trick, but an inexpensive peeler/slicer makes apples so fun that every kid who visits our house asks to have an APPLE!
BOTTOM LINE: Celebrate HALLOWEEN with healthy TREATS, so you don't have to work to find new TRICKS to lose weight come New Year's.

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