Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost Summer!

Wow! We're in finals week in our home, looking at summer officially beginning next week- yea! I can hardly wait for the break in homework and hectic schedules. No, it's not MY homework, but helping kids maintain focus or quizzing them for spelling certainly involves me, and I am the head chauffer for dance four days per week.

At any rate, we all welcome summer! So, I thought for this week, I would focus on some summer suggestions. Today's suggestion is deceptively simple- RELAX!! I think we have all become so programmed to cram in a million activities, that we tend to over-schedule our kids, even in the summer. By the time you include a camp or two, family vacation, service opportunities and sports obligations, your calendar looks as packed as the school year!

Make sure there is enough down time scheduled in (yes, I find if I don't block out some days/weeks, they will all fill up!) for your kids to actually say they are BORED. I think I can literally count on one hand the number of times our kids have complained of boredom, which tells me we have been too scheduled.

No kids to worry about? Well, you went to school for many years, so I know you still remember the joys of summertime. Look at your calendar, and see where you can schedule in some summertime relaxation. You're never too old for SUMMER!

BOTTOM LINE: Enjoy some real "lazy days of summer" this year, and rejuvenate!

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