Friday, May 28, 2010

Get Cooking! (Another Summer Suggestion)

In our BORED list earlier this week, I didn't have space to include COOKING. Summer is a wonderful time to encourage your kids to participate in the family meal plan, as well as learning to cook. It's easy to fall into the routine of hot dogs, burgers, fries, and pizza, if you are not paying attention. Kids in general love to cook, and with no homework to tie them up, they're free to help out in the kitchen. Teach them how to safely chop up vegetables, or create a salad (even if they don't like salads yet, they can pitch in during the preparation.) Supervise them tossing ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning, and then they are proud they prepared dinner.

Another summer suggestion is to make sure every day's diet includes five to ten servings of fruits and veggies. Fruit smoothies are delicious, and especially refreshing in the summer. Toss a banana in the blender, add in a cup of yogurt and a handful of frozen berries, and you're all set! Right there, you've got a couple fruit servings.

Grab some melons- I'll bet a watermelon will disappear in a heartbeat! I challenge everyone to set out a platter of cut up melon, strawberries and grapes in front of some teens and see how long it takes for them to inhale it. Add some cheese and whole wheat crackers, and you've got a healthy lunch.
BOTTOM LINE: Include the kitchen in your summer fun!

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