Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom Knows Best!

Happy Mother's Day! Have you hugged your Mom yet today? If she is still on this earth, please take a minute and call her and at least give her a virtual hug if you cannot do so in person. I had a special video chat with our precious daughters today, since I am in beautiful St. Louis today. Stay tuned for pictures of my terrified face in the Arch "tram" as we ascended today!
In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would applaud a few maternal bits of medical wisdom.
1. Chicken Soup for colds- you're breathing steam (which loosens up congestion), hydrating and NOT taking antibiotics- all the right treatment for simple upper respiratory viruses!
2. Salt water gargles for sore throats- use a BUNCH of salt (a couple tablespoons) in a glass of warm water; this makes it hypertonic and helps actually kill bacteria when you gargle.
3. Band-aids and love- a kiss and a band aid will heal 90+% of childhood injuries.
4. Don't forget to wash your hands! Enough said- washing hands helps stop spreading germs!

BOTTOM LINE: Thanks to MY Mom in Heaven, and all Moms out there for the love you give your kids.

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