Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pediatric Medicine Recall

Have you heard? Last week (April 30th), McNeil Consumer Healthcare initiated a voluntary drug recall because some of their products did not meet required quality standards. At this time, there have been NO REPORTED adverse effects from these medications. Apparently the drugs had variable amounts of active and inactive ingredients, as well as extra "particles" in them.
Which products are included? Tylenol Infant Drops, Children's Tylenol Suspensions, Children's Tylenol Plus Suspensions,
Motrin Infants' Drops, Children's Motrin Suspension, Children's Zyrtec Liquids and Children's Benadryl.

Please click on this link for more specifics:

What should you do if you've already given your child these medications? Relax. If your child seems fine, she is! Again, there have been no adverse events reported at this time- this was a voluntary recall.
BOTTOM LINE: Be aware of this large medication recall and check out the specifics on the link above.