Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OMG, IDK what to do without a screen!

So...keeping with the theme for the week, we're talking about summertime suggestions. If you limit screen time to two hours per day, what do you do for the other waking hours? Well, here's the good news, as a parent it is not your job to fill in all the blanks! I have always found kids to be amazingly creative and resourceful, when given the chance (or, okay, I'll say it- when they have no other choice.)

EARLY this summer, ask your kids to sit down and brainstorm, creating a list of at least a dozen (preferably more) activities. This is your "I'm bored" list! Post it on the fridge, and when someone says they're bored, refer them to the list. It works beautifully!
So, what might go on the list?

The obvious, first- READ A BOOK! Happily, this can be ANY book, not only the potentially required summer reading.

Board games always come next in our house. Clue, Monopoly, Sorry, and many more are fun, but get shoved to the back of the game closet during the school year. Don't forget checkers, chess, scrabble and Bananagrams!

Card games are another category- UNO, war, spoon, rummy- the list goes on and on.

Girls often enjoy a "salon" afternoon- pulling out every color of nail polish and giving each other pedicures and manicures.

Crafts may require parent supervision, but many do not. Finger knitting, rock painting, paper air planes, bracelets, key chains, bird houses...

Don't forget "sport" options- basketball, soccer, volleyball, or swimming. Pull out flashlights at night and enjoy a game of flashlight tag for "big" kids.

BOTTOM LINE: Have your family create a BORED list, and you WONT be bored this summer!

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