Monday, May 10, 2010

Loving St. Louis- and it's Gluten-Free!

Wow- what a city! But it really feels more like a town, because everyone is SO FRIENDLY! If you haven't visited here yet, make plans to include it on your next family vacation. What is there to do?
First, of course-The ARCH- yes, in BOLD- gotta ride the tiny pod (they call it a tram, but that implies space to me...) to the top and catch the magnificent view of the town. This will certainly cure (or cement) your fear of heights.
In the shadow of the Arch is the Old Cathedral (formally known as the Basilica)-thanks to them for playing my mother's favorite hymn on Mother's Day (Let There be Peace on Earth.)
The Zoo- can you believe it's FREE?? Trails wind around through lush foliage as you view the animals. I was impressed that the kids' meals come with a choice of a healthy sides such as broccoli or applesauce. AND you can buy FRUIT SMOOTHIES at the Zoo!
Say Hello to Spike the cat at Left Bank Books.
For the grownups, there are Casinos- who knew? Stop in at the SLeeK in Lumiere's and tell Rusty hello from me as you order up a fabulous, thick steak.
Enjoy Saturday night live broadcasts with Lance from Y98- he is "Mr. St. Louis".
I had a GLUTEN-FREE pizza to die for at Pi (like the number)- special thanks to Tuck, our perky waitress.
And SWEET news- Ted Drewes Basic Frozen Custard is...GLUTEN-FREE! (Simply ask for a clean spindle). I love this town!
Look out for Fredbird and cheer on the Cardinals.

Special thanks to Dr. Teresa Knight, my friend and amazing tour guide- you go, "Gyno-Gal"!
BOTTOM LINE: St. Louis is a marvelous town that manages to celebrate the past and focus on a healthy future at the same time.
Thank you, St. Louis

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