Saturday, January 23, 2010

An App for Everything- PERIOD.

Gotta love our modern technology, right? Ladies, this one's for you. Every time you go to the doctor, the medical assistant asks you "what is the first day of your last period"? And who can remember? From the doctor's standpoint, I'll tell you that more often than not, the date entered into our form is followed with a question mark, if a date is put in at all. And, for the record, this is actually useful information for us- we're not just being nosy. Beyond simply implying whether or not you might be pregnant, timing of periods can give us clues to your hormonal cycles and may suggest causes for symptoms (such as pelvic pain during ovulation).
In the course of seeing a patient this week, I had occasion to ask if her periods were regular. She whipped out her iphone, and said, "Did you know I've got an app for that?" After we both cracked up, she showed me her "P. Tracker", complete with cute flower icons. It was so helpful! I've seen everything from day planners, to laptops, to stray pieces of paper stuffed in purses with dates scribbled upon them, and while all of these can be helpful, my hat is off to the "P. Tracker" for it's ease/convenience.
BOTTOM LINE: Who knew there'd be an app for periods? Check it out at

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