Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Since we're in a new decade, it's time to share my favorite after-school snack (or after-work, or before dinner, or for breakfast...)
I Loooooove smoothies. My basic recipe is this:
Add a banana (over-ripe is okay) to the blender. Toss in a handful of frozen berries (I prefer strawberries). Put in enough vanilla yogurt to cover the fruit (roughly a cup). Blend. That's it! For variety, change up the frozen fruit. Our daughter's girl scout troop did every variety I could find in a grocery store one day- from blueberries & raspberries, to peaches and mangos. A few girls liked "just banana" and many liked banana and chocolate syrup (go figure!)
Here's the most important tip: to CLEAN the blender, fill half way with water, add one drop of liquid dish soap, put back on the blender and mix for 10-30 seconds. This cleans virtually everything (except sometimes blueberries, which leave more residue.)
BOTTOM LINE: Try a smoothie and sit back and ENJOY!

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