Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Ounce of Prevention...

Equals pounds coming off ! Planning ahead is crucial for a successful change in your diet. Mind you, I’m using the word “diet” to refer to what you eat, not a specific regimented plan. If you’re going to focus on MORE fruits and vegetables, what happens when it’s halfway through the morning or afternoon at work and you’re ready for a snack? Well, if you’ve brought some sliced apples or baby carrots with you, you’ve got a healthy choice. If you’re heading to the vending machine or coffee shop, I’ll bet you’re less likely to succeed.
On your next trip to the grocery store, load up on produce. Purchase single portion servings, or create your own so that in the morning rush, you only have to grab and go.
BOTTOM LINE: Organize your snacks ahead of time so it is easy to make a healthy choice!

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