Friday, January 29, 2010

Guilt-free "Do-Over"!

Happy Friday! Can you believe that it's already the last Friday in January? Where did the first month of 2010 go? Monday brings with it the start of Valentine's season, so here is my first Valentine to you: a free "do-over"!
If you started the year with wonderful intentions of healthier eating, movement, and lifestyle, but feel you've already fallen off the wagon, don't give up! Cut yourself some slack, and instead of lining up the excuses, do something today to make a positive change. Enjoy a fruit smoothie, walk your dog, jump back on the Wii fit- whatever sounds uplifting to you, and make a fresh start on Monday (or better yet, today!) Every day, truly, provides the opportunity to improve your health. Sometimes we get so sunk into the guilty or failure mindset that we need "permission" to set the reset button, so here it is!
BOTTOM LINE: Give yourself a big hug and celebrate your successful strides for "MORE" in 2010, and/or grant yourself a guilt-free new start today!

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